A series of seminars involving government, NGOs and civil society was held early in 2002 to identify appropriate ways for ordinary citizens to help prevent, combat and minimise the impact of child abuse. As a result of these seminars, it became apparent that systems were required to identify appropriate and useful activities for volunteers and to recruit, train and manage volunteers in a sustainable and productive way.

The CSIR Crime Prevention Centre subsequently undertook a skills audit and developed this database of organisations involved in the training and utilisation of volunteers in the area of child welfare. This database is the result of a partnership initiative undertaken in close consultation with a number of organisations and individuals, including.

This user-friendly database aims to assist volunteers in identifying appropriate roles and directing their support to appropriate organisations involved in various activities related to the prevention of child abuse and minimising the negative impact of child abuse on victims.

Volunteers will be assisted in offering their services to organisations with requirements closely matching their individual skills and preferences. The skills audit and website development was facilitated and supported by the CSIR Crime Prevention Research Resources Centre. Your information will only be viewed or accessed by organisations with usernames and pin codes not exposed to public view.

Browse through the website to view the individual organisations and their needs, using " search of organisations" by area, activities or skills requirements. Contact the relevant organisation(s) in need of your skills by phoning, faxing or e-mailing them. Once contact has been established, the organisation will decide whether your skills can be utilised, and arrange for screening, training etc. if appropriate.

If there is no match for an organisation in need of your particular skills, you can opt to store your information for future access by an appropriate organisation. To do this, go to "Volunteer Registration", fill in your details and submit the information.

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