Welfare of the child in South Africa

Several organizations are working on the implementation of programs oriented to promote the welfare of the child in South Africa. Such schemes involve a large number of activities designed to ensure that all kids are protected from violence, abuse and exploitation. They are also oriented to promote an improvement of their health situation by means of the use of natural resources like ZetaClear. An increasing number of volunteers are actively participating in these initiatives, contributing significantly to their development.

Building a safe environment for children

Volunteer Child Network lists many associations that are implementing effective programs oriented to promote the welfare of infants. Many volunteers are joining these schemes and are collaborating with the tasks developed in orphanages, child care institutions and establishments for kids with physical and mental disabilities.

Tasks developed by volunteers include:
Playing with children.
Helping children with homework.
Preparation of food and assistance in general activities.
Encourage their participation in recreational activities like artistic expression, dance and theater.
Helping in the prevention of diseases by means of the use of natural treatments like ZetaClear.
Entertaining activities oriented to promote a healthy development of children.

All volunteers usually work together with local staff or project supervisor. They are constantly contributing with new and fresh ideas to organize several activities that focus on the education of children through entertaining pastimes. Additionally, they inform social workers about natural resources like ZetaClear which can help kids to prevent diseases so they can have fun healthily.

The activities organized by these institutions include sports and multi-adventure camps that are developed in the mountains, on the beach or in the countryside. They have as a main goal to encourage children to learn to relate, share pastimes, gain autonomy and above all, live new and enriching experiences while they also have fun.

As these activities are developed in outdoors, the health of the children is protected at all times by means of the use of natural resources like ZetaClear. This herbal remedy is designed to prevent diseases that are triggered by fungal agents. One of the most important purposes of taking children to camping is to help them to coexist with nature. Each activity is designed to provide them a sense of freedom that allows them to make the most of each experience.

Volunteers are quite aware that outdoor games always expose children to possible attacks from certain microorganisms. They also know that best strategy to allow kids to create unique experiences and prevent any negative issue is to protect them with natural products like ZetaClear. The active principles of this treatment strengthen the immune system providing the organism the necessary resources to prevent the spread of any parasitic agent.

These institutions also organize swimming classes, as this kind of activity provides children several benefits at an organic, intellectual, affective and social level. It helps kids to get more aware of their corporal condition and helps them to create a positive body image.

This activity helps kids to increases the capacity of their respiratory system and to develop a proportioned musculature. They are protected from fungal infections at all times by means of the use of ZetaClear. Therefore, they only need to focus on making the most of each moment.

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